Challenges that the ageing and tired European workforce is facing could be addressed

On the 30th of November 2022, the European Institute of Health and Sustainable Development (EIHSD) in collaboration with European Parliament member Juozas Olekas, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Pan-European media network specialized in EU policies (EURACTIV – publicity assistance of the conference) organized the conference:

Health Workforce Challenges – How to strike balance between free movement of labor and risks that medical deserts in EU and neighboring countries will undermine Universal health coverage on the level of member states and European solidarity.

Meeting – live event in Brussels EU parliament facilities combined with on-line WEBEX environment format – venue – room 1G 369, Spinelli Building, European Parliament. Conference was supported by the grant from the Open Society Foundations.

The objective of the event. Investment in the health workforce is one of the best buys in public health. The main objective of the event is to identify how to balance the free movement of workers as a fundamental principle of the European internal market with the assurance that equitable accessibility of health services will be provided (medical deserts irrigated) across all European regions including those of workforce source countries and to discuss the policies, strategies, and actions that most meaningfully contribute to the solution of the existing health and care workforce-related problems on national and European levels.

On a basis of the conference material and event report European Institute of Health and Sustainable Development (EIHSD) with support of Pan-European media network (EURACTIV) prepared series of articles, where EURACTIV looks into how the number of challenges that the ageing and tired European workforce is facing could be addressed.

Detailed information you can find on EURACTIV webpage, or it may downloaded directly from this page here: Aged and overstretched – EU health workforce ‘under observation’